Anasayfa Teknoloji Haberleri Owning Real Estate in Istanbul and Its Advantages

Owning Real Estate in Istanbul and Its Advantages

by Ege

Why invest in Turkish Property

Turkey is a big country that bridges Asia and Europe. With a population of approximately 82 million as at 2020, and a high proportion of that being young, Turkey is an perfect country for investors who want to take advantage of a fast-developing real estate industry. 

Also Turkey provides an extremely reliable market. The country’s economy is characterized by stable growth and is one of the twenty largest economies in the world. Real estate prices are also rising steadily. Those who bought property in Turkey a few years ago can now sell it for a much higher price. The real estate in Istanbul is constantly growing. And every year, many new buildings are being built in Turkey, including many luxury resorts that offer high-end services.

In the light of all the facts mentioned above, if you are looking for a property for sale in Istanbul / Turkey first you must check Big Property Agency. They give their customers the best price in the market based on their long experience.

How To Get Turkish Citizenship With Real Estate

After the last amendment issued by the Turkish government in 2018 regarding the citizenship decision, it became possible to obtain Turkish citizenship easily in several ways such as real estate ownership, investment, and bank deposit.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership is one of the best and fastest methods to get the Turkish citizenship. It is also very easy for people who own real estate in Turkey to obtain a turkey residence permit.

If you want to own real estate in Turkey, visit Big Property Agency now.

About Big Property Agency

Big Property Agency has been operating for the last 12 years in Real Estate sector in Turkey.

With its sales offices located in 4 different locations in Istanbul, the companys professional staff has also proving assists to their customer in many language like English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish and German. The company, with it is professional working have give to all their customer  100% of confidence  satisfaction, and has made approximately 1900 people homeowners. If you are looking for a property for sale in Turkey, villas for sale in Turkey or hotels for sale in Turkey you can check Big Property Agency.

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